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Apr. 13th, 2011

 Looks like I'm back?  We'll see how long it lasts :P 


It's simple

Actually, it's simpler that I thought it would be.
I just want to share with my massive number of readers (sarcasm for you right there) that Valentine's day is a stupid day.
Why do couples need a day to love each other?! You can love each other every day! But no, it is very important that there's this one special day where people who are in love get to show their love to the rest of the world, by giving each other flowers, chocolate and heart shaped balloons.
If I had a boyfriend who gave me flowers on Valentine's day I wouldn't even feel special, seeing how every taken woman on this planet gets flowers on the same day as I do. I'd probably find it more romantic if he fucked Valentine's day up the ass, and gave me flowers on the 15th instead.
It's not romantic to get flowers on Valentines day! It's some kind of a forced celebration if you're in a relationship, because there are posters, chocolate shaped like hearts and flowers everywhere! How can you not buy something? Next year, I'll write myself a card and buy flowers for myself. At least it will look like I have an admirer. Not that I really want one to give me crap on Valentine's day.

Of course, there's the unoffical "singles day" on the 13th of February, but there are no posters or anything for it. Fuck that. Singles day should be like... Single people wearing a green button so that everyone can see if you're available or not. Then, it'd be fun!

But, seriously, what's next?  "Marriage day", "Divorce day", "Dating day"... It will never stop. It's all about getting money.

I vote for a "Hate Valentines day". Oh yeah. Where you step on flowers and go into stores and wreck their Valentine decorations. Now that's fun.


Well, seeing how I tend to forget to post here, I figured I should do it now while I'm already here (this has nothing to do with the fact that I don't want to write an essay).

I just read Anna's post (fluffy_d ) and I just miss her so fucking much =( HTE is shit without her, and if more people leave now, I will not return. Everything so lame in there these days, with mod's being stupid and whiney, and people not getting along. I am so glad I'm on the "right" side, and not on the "ohemgee we've been here for so long, and we don't like how people post more than us and that we're not a part of it anymore" side.  If you had posted like we do, maybe you'd be a part of it. Get the fuck over it.

Other than that, it's my birthday next wednesday, and I finally turn 20, which means that I won't be a teenager anymore. Damn, that makes me happy. =D

We have to move in the end of December, which is a bit lame, because my friends all live up here, and I am moving to Brixton, which is pretty much on the other side of London. At least I'm moving in with Colin, which I think/hope will be great.

Some people have changed, and it's weird... I don't really know what to think of it or do, so I tend to pretend nothing has changed. It might have been me changing, too.

Yeah. I miss Anna. A lot.


I DESPERATLY need a new icon and a new signature for hte.org. I NEED new icons in general, because I am getting pretty goddamn sick of mine. BUT, they just end up looking like shit and crap and everything inbetween there. SOMEONE give me a good fucking tutorial before I end myself. Okay, I won't do that but, I really really want a new, GOOD icon. I have like...5 out of 30 that I am really happy with, and the rest are just.. MEH, EW, or WTF?!
I guess I need to browse through my memories and open all the tutorial lists and stop being so picky. Is that what I have to do? Yes, I think so.

ANYWAY (what's up with writing a few words in craps lock in this post?) I will post the icons and the signature or whatever if I actually manage to make some good ones.
And, another thing... It's really fucking hard to make Julian icons, because there are so few high quality pictures, that whenever I find one, a bunch of people have already made icons out of it, and then it's like...i don't know, boring?
So, he needs to get his ass back in the game and give me some hq pictures to play with.

God, this is off topic, but I really really want to write something. I don't know what, or why. I love writing, and it'd be amazing to write a novel or a book or something. But, I don't have any ideas. Which sucks.

Back to my icon-failing-attempts. I'll put them up later. Even though no one reads this. Ahem.

Interrail -> Rock Werchter -> Germany

I iz a thief!

Bizatch, I totally stole Anna's headline thingy. I just changed it a bit. If you have anything against this, Ms. Valensi, please do tell me ;)
So, yeah, I am staring at the wall, in the dark, listening to the rain pouring down and the wind going all WOOoOoooOOooOooooiii outside. Only thing missing is thunder and lightning, which will result with me hiding under the bed.

Oh, yeah. I told Anna about my fabolous, incredible, amazing best friend eariler today. First story:
Like... less than a year ago, I was kind of into this guy I work with. He's really cute and nice, and we had a lot of fun at work. But, he was kind of into my bff. So, she was like "Hey, he's cute...Can I mess around with him?" and I wasn't really.. I didn't LIKE him or whatever, it was just a crush...so, I said that it was okay. And a few days later or whatever, I talked to her and she was like "Oh, and I told him that I was afraid that you didn't want your friends to mess around with him, like you did with ******." Seriously, wtf? Why tell him that? Sounds like I'm demanding people.

Now to the worst story. I'd call it..disappointing.
In Norway (I was home for christmas) it's like a tradition to get wasted and go out on Christmas day, so I had this pre party with loads of friends and we had a lot of fun and everyone got wasted. Then we went to some bars and we had a lot of fun. Then, I met this guy I used to work with, and I've always thought he was really cute. I even told some of my closest friends that I'd prefer it if they didn't mess with him and stuff, unless they liked him, of course.
Eventually he invited me, my bff and a couple of other guys to his apartment for an after party, and my friend was like "I'll go for your sake", which was really nice of her. Then, it got late and we got tired, so I went to (his) bed to get some sleep while my friend was sleeping on the couch. After a little while all three of us were in the bed and we tried to get some sleep, and he was like putting his arm around my friend and stuff. Which was fine, it's not like I could say "hey, put your arm around me instead".
I fell asleep, and a few hours later my friend woke me up and she's like.. "Hey, ***** are in the other bedroom...Can I fuck him?" and I was like "errrr, no?!" and she was like "okay, because I told him that I had to ask you." I mean, WHAT.THE.FUCK?! Ugh. And then she said "Well, can I make out with him?" and I was getting really annoyed so I just said "fine" and she got out and went back to him.
Next morning we woke up and we said bye to him and stuff, which was pretty embarassing. And we went back to my place and cleaned up and shit, and she left later that day.
So, I decided to text her just to check what happened, and I wrote something like "How far did it go?" and a few minutes later I got a reply. "It went too far, I'm so sorry."
Some best friend, huh? I can't believe how she could do that. Thing is, if she had liked him it'd be fine, because that'd mean that she was tougher than me and actually went for it. But she doesn't like him! She hardly thinks he's cute!

That's what I call a...